by Ru Kojo Lemer

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Very happy to release my first single, with accompanying music video by Musicarta: www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKRJJ9ee1QM

Thank you so much to everyone involved!! I'm hugely grateful to work with such amazing people


There’s strength in my body
That’s sailed in English waves
And my body, it carries
The burden of English change

But there’s blood in my body
That’s not from around these parts
And I know that my body
Doesn’t own an English heart

I was born too many footsteps from home
So many miles, so many streets
That I’ll walk on my lonesome own

I need home
I need home, England - let me go
On my own
I need home, England - let me go

My eyes have died
A melancholic death
From keeping vital things
Behind my breath

And I’m blind and I’m numb
So tell me how I should feel
Every time I fall
I hide what’s real

What is real, I don't know

I need home, England - let me go
I need home, and it's not in Albion
On my own, England - let me go
I need home


released December 11, 2015
Produced by Ru Kojo Lemer (facebook.com/RuKojo)

Mixing - Toby Wood, Ru Kojo Lemer
Recording - Ru Kojo Lemer
Recording assistants - Olly Seber, Callum Marinho, Emma Marks, Marc McCouig

Piano/Vocals - Ru Kojo Lemer
Violin - Billy Thompson (New album out now! billythompson.co.uk/pages/albuminfo/btgypsystyleinfo.html)
Violin - Jamie Philokyprou
Drums - Callum Marinho
El. Bass - Olly Seber
Acoustic guitar - Richard Burrell (facebook.com/RichardBurrellMusic)
Cello - Gareth Loh
Double Bass - Lizzie Lewis
Bass Synth - Dan Tarbuck
Glockenspiel - Tim McKeever
Backing Vocals - Hazel Thompson
Bass Drum/Gong - Callum Marinho

Recorded at:
IoSR Studios, Surrey University
Thompsound Studios (www.thompsoundmusic.co.uk)
Moving Finger Studios

Director of Cinematography - Oliver Bowring
Director - Ru Kojo Lemer
Body-paint artist - Laura J Draycon (facebook.com/laurajdrayconmodel)
Cast costumier - Kaya Bean
Cast make-up - Lilly Brothers, Hazel Thompson, Georgia Record
Health and Safety/Pyrotechnics - Noel Chapman

Noel Chapman - Fire performer
Hazel Thompson - Fire performer
Lilly Brothers
Kaya Bean
Georgia Record
Ali Appleton
Sally Evans
Heather Yeadon (facebook.com/CambridgeImprovFactory)
Vaughan Allanson (facebook.com/CambridgeImprovFactory)

Many thanks to Rupert Flindt, Neil Dorfsman and Paul Antonell for their mixing/recording advice.

Also, thanks to Becky Ibbotson, Tom Wood, Ivan Cheng, Sophy Purnell, Jamie Philokyprou, Callum Marinho, Tim McKeever, Dan Tarbuck, Becky Ibbotson and Olly Seber for performing this live

This track was worked on at the IoSR Studios at the University of Surrey as a part of the Tonmeister course. I have a huge amount of gratitude to the course, the quality of learning and standard of gear available is incredible, and without it I'd be a whole lot further from where I want to be




Ru Kojo Lemer Guildford, UK


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